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Fjord Farm is a semi-closed fish cage concept created with focus on environment and fish welfare. It is a new generation concept for fish farming, consisting of highly innovative and ground-breaking technology.  Working closely with the largest fish farming companies, we have invested a lot of resources in order to create smart solutions for todays´ challenges in the industry.

Sea lice, escaped farmed fish and pollution are still the main challenges in the industry. Lack of technology that can fight these challenges, reduces the opportunities to to explore new areas for fish farms. Fjord Farm concept makes expansion possible, due to its unique products. At the same time our technology ensures the well-being of fish, sustainable operations and production growth.

The concept consists of five unique products. Do you want to know more about how we can take you fish farm to a whole new level?  Click on links below to learn more.

All our products are tested and certified according to industry´s certification requirements. Click on video below to look into out technology.

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Fjord Cage

Robust flytvkrage med unike funksjoner.
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Fjord Cage illustrasjon
Bio-Collector illustration


Reduserer utslipp av slam fra anlegg.
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Gjør daglige operasjoner mer effektive og HMS-vennlige.
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Second barrier illustrasjon

Second Barrier

Dobbel not med rømmegaranti
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FjordFarms Intergratied Watershield reduserer lakselusfare uten bruk av kjemikalier.
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